Forced Performance/WSRD X3 Green Turbocharger

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Introducing the Forced Performance X3 Green Turbocharger Upgrade! This is the turbocharger option found in the WS200X and WS240X Performance Packages. 


  • Pump 93: 196.5 Wheel HP (218 Crank HP)
  • 110 Octane: 225 Wheel HP (249 Crank HP)
  • E85: 243 Wheel HP (269 Crank HP)

Whats Included? 

  • Forced Performance X3 Green Super Core
  • WSRD/BorgWarner Wastegate 
  • WSRD Oil Drain Gasket

** Exhaust Manifold, Oil Drain Fitting and Coolant Line not included - You will be reusing the listed items **

**This Item is a performance product and may effect engine life.****