WSRD Can-Am WS250RR (277HP) Performance Package | E85

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Introducing the WSRD WS250RR Performance Package! Those looking for the ultimate budget minded E85 Big Turbo Package for your 2020 Can-Am X3, look no further!
What's different between this package and the available FP Green based packages for the 2017-2019 Models? With the changes made to the 2020 RR models we now have the ability to utilize both the factory MAP sensors and wastegate when looking for big power! Making this an even more budget minded package!

Power Output: 

  • 243 Wheel Horspower (~277 Crank Horsepower)
    • Boost: 31-32 PSI 
    • Adjust Crack Pressure to 12 PSI - Final Crack Pressure after Data Logging should be 14 PSI (John will request crack pressure changes as tuning proceeds)

Features: (Package Essentials)

The WS250RRKit is designed for E85 fuel ONLY. When purchasing the WS250RR Package you will also receive an alternate fuel, Pump 91/93/100 or 110 octane, of your choice as a switchable option. 

Package Upgrades: (Optional)

Clutching Options: (To add the correct clutch to your performance package follow the link below)

For those clients with some of our other Can-Am products or clients with other vendor products please reach out directly to us for custom quotes on our WS250RR Kit!


***Performance products may effect engine life***