WSRD Can-Am X3 UNI 3" Intake

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Introducing our WSRD 3" intake for the Can-Am X3 line. Using our knowledge from our import 4 cylinder turbo platforms, we were able to easily produce an effective intake that simply works. The most important attribute for power is getting as much volume directly in front of the compressor wheel and couple that with a great flowing filter, clean transitions, and smooth bends. This will bring you up to stage 3 with our tune and will gain power with a stock X3.

Our intake features a 3" stainless steel tube offered raw or powder-coated wrinkle black, designed to take the beating from rocks, mud, snow, or what ever you can throw at it, quality multiply coupler, water repellent outwear filters, and a 3" Uni filter. You can also option out of recirculating the crank case vent into the intake.

It is critical to take care of your filter. Uni foam filters flow amazingly well and great filtering relies on the uni oil. As the intake starts to collect dirt further and further into the foam, you will loose flow and potentially some filtration. If you don't have a uni oil/cleaning kit please be sure to select it on check out.


***Performance parts may effect engine life***